Corporate Service Corps Project in India

Hello everyone,

this is my first blog on the assignment I am going to participate at with 10 other IBMers from all over the world.
The 1-month assignment takes place in town of Jamnagar, state Gujarat which known for birth of the Father of the nation – Mahathma Ghandi. These days also for developing industry and alcohol prohibition…not that usual to be seen nowadays.

First I thought it’s going to be much warmer weather in Jamnagar where the temperatures are around 30 degrees all around the year, however it turns out I was wrong. Last two weeks in Bratislava were extremely hot with temperatures reaching to 39 degrees of Celsius in shade. After this summer,  Jamnagar appears to be a cool place to stay :).

Next blog with more details on the project will follow soon.

#ibmcsc india


3 thoughts on “Corporate Service Corps Project in India

  1. Hello Anton! It´s nice to see your brand new blog!! Maybe we would finally know where you are and what you are doing! 😀 Scandalous! I´m looking forward to your future reports! My advices are: respect the alcohol prohibition, use a sun cream and “nepi Jano, nepi miestnu vodu”. Have a nice journey, take care, čau!

  2. So now it’s clear why you don’t have a time to have one beer with friends (or as we use to say To jump on one). Do you know you can write the blog in Walter too?

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