At SAVA office

On the second day we were introduced to our NGO – SAVA which we will work with, for the rest of the month.


SAVA stands for Saurasthra Voluntary Actions and their goal is to improve lives of people living in this region through different natural resource and development projects. They do a tremendous job, I can tell.
On our first tine in the office, we were welcomed very warmly by the SAVA team.



And Bhimsi showed us where the NGO operates.
The office is very simple, nothing noble but sufficient.
Our work consists of interviewing all kind of stakeholders, gather as much information as possible and eventually 


come up with ideas how to solve their issues.
Discussions were long but very helpful


I need to mention also the lunch which was very delicious. It was prepared by woman from neighborhood who cooks lunches for livelihood.


And the view from the office:


At last, the plan for field trips for upcoming days:


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