Field visits – 1

Outdoor phase of our assignment started on the 3rd working day. After first two days in the office we started to make interviews with local farmers in surrounding villages with our local co-worker and guide Bhimsi Bhai (Bhai = local word for brother, used when talking to a friend). Our field visits were planned throughout the rest of week 1.
Our first visit was at a market facility –  APMC (Agriculture Produce Market Committee) in Kambalya – where farmers purchase their goods to traders. During our visit peanuts (Peanut = Ground nut in local language) and castor seeds were traded.

wpid-20130814_120542.jpg wpid-20130814_120733.jpg

We asked a couple of questions to one of the farmers. And many others were attracted by this unusual activity.


Watch the short video from the interview with a local farmer:

Afterwards we sat down at commissioner’s office and obligatory tea time. 


Afterwards we headed to a Beraja village where after a first discussion (and a tea) we made the first visit in local Agrishop with stuffed shelves with chemicals.


Next visit – village Vinjalpar. Discussion with the local authorities was mainly in Gujarati and the view out of te window was interesting again 🙂

20130814_181149 20130814_180819

After the discussion we were invited to a farmers house for a tea (this part we already expected). Generally, the local people are very kind and friendly to us, very often asking where we are coming from, or just stop by and say hello, good morning. It’s very nice, this would not happen in my town.

20130814_192020 20130814_192136

People here drink the tea from tea tellers rather than cups which had (of course) consequnces on my t-shirt and jeans. Below is the correct holding of the teller but at the first time I grabbed it differently which caused a lot of laughter and no one knew why, only after a while we realized what’s happening when the farmer who invited us grabbed the teller the same way as me and entertaned the audience :D.

20130814_192934 20130814_192945

(2nd part will follow)

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